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A brass urn is a lovely way to honor your loved ones and remember them in death. It has become increasingly popular due to its elegance, durability, and classic design. When it comes to brass urns, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether you are looking for a small keepsake urn or a large urn for ashes, there is one to fit your needs.

What is a brass urn?

A brass cremation urn is a type of vessel that is made from brass. It is typically used as a cremation urn for ashes. Some people might use it for a variety of different purposes, such as a garden or home decor.

Different Metal Urns Materials

Brass urns are a traditional way to memorialize and honor departed loved ones, with many different materials available. The most common material is solid brass, which is strong and durable, making it ideal for containing cremated remains. It’s also an attractive material that can be engraved or decorated. Other popular options include pewter, bronze, aluminum, and copper.

Pewter is a soft alloy of tin and other metals, while bronze is made up of copper and tin. Copper is one of the most malleable metals in existence and is often used as a decorative urn choice because of its beautiful patina. Each option offers unique advantages depending on what you’re looking for in terms of durability, beauty, and personalization options. No matter which material you choose for your urn, it will stand as an elegant reminder of your departed loved one for years to come.

Different metal cremation urns for ashes have distinct properties that influence their beauty and cost. See the list below for a selection of the metal urns available from us .

Silver Urns(silver color)

Silver urns are high-quality, durable urns crafted from metal. These solid, handcrafted silver urns are specifically designed for the cremation of your loved one. Our urns are made to last a lifetime and beyond.

Brass Urns

We offer many lovely brass urns, like our “Angel in Prayer” urn, which is made from solid brass. It is handcrafted artwork.

Copper cremation urns

Copper is one of the most malleable metals in existence and is often used as a decorative urn choice because of its beautiful patina.Our copper urns are hammered by hand.

Stainless steel urns

the perfect way to honor a loved one and keep their memory alive. These classic and timeless pieces of art are crafted with the highest grade stainless steel and come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any home or office.

Aluminum Urns

Aluminum urns offer a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any purpose. Whether your preference is traditional or modern, Aluminum Urns has the perfect urn for you. The Deep Love Cremation Urn, for example, has a Blue Fire Finish and Decorative Band.Our bestseller is the metal urn.

How is the brass urn made?

The process of making a brass urn starts with a cast brass urn, crafted from molten brass. The molten brass is then molded into an urn shape and spun on a lathe to give it a smooth and consistent finish. Once the shape is perfected, the urn is polished with polished brass to make it shine. The lid of the urn is threaded for a secure closure so that the remains can be safely stored.
The urn is then painted with enamel, usually in blue or green. This enamel gives the urn a beautiful and unique look. The urn is then further decorated with hand-painted designs or words, to make it even more special. A pearlescent glaze can also be applied to give the urn a glossy finish that reflects light and adds further charm.
The urn can also be customized further with etching or plating to give it a one-of-a-kind design. These etches or plates can feature images or words that reflect the life of the person being remembered. This customized brass urn is the perfect way to express love and remember a special person.
For those looking for a more unique urn, a trio of blue enamel, teal enamel, and green enameled urns can be a stunning way to honor a loved one’s life. These cremation urns feature a threaded lid that opens to reveal a vase urn, making them perfect for viewing the remains of the deceased.
The brass urn is a beautiful, timeless piece of remembrance that can be kept for years to come. Whether you are looking for a perfectly polished and beautifully crafted brass urn, or a uniquely decorated remembrance, a brass urn is a perfect way to keep the memory of a loved one alive.

What are the different sizes of brass urns?

Brass urns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, making them ideal for many different purposes.

Smaller ones are typically used to store cremated remains or other small mementos, such as jewelry or special items that belonged to the deceased.

Larger ones can be used as decorative pieces in any home or office, adding an elegant touch of sophistication to any space.

Brass keepsake urns are a popular type of brass urn because they provide a perfect way to share memories with others and honor the memory of the deceased.

Another type of this urn is the memorial urn, which is designed specifically to hold the ashes and commemorate a loved one’s life.

Lastly, there are also decorative vases that can be used as a beautiful accent piece in any room while also serving as an urn. No matter what type of urn you choose, it will always serve as a lasting reminder of your beloved friend or family member.

What are the benefits of using a brass urn? (Top 5 Reasons to Purchase It)

Brass urns are a popular choice for memorializing a loved one. They offer strength, durability, and an elegant look that is sure to honor your loved one. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider using it:

1) They are strong and durable;

2) They provide an attractive and timeless look;

3) They come in a variety of sizes and designs (floral designs, butterfly designs, dove designs, etc.);

4) They can be personalized with engravings or other details; and

5) They offer an affordable way to memorialize your loved one. Brass urns also come with the peace of mind of knowing that they will last for many years, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a lasting tribute to their deceased family member.

When shopping for it, it is important to keep in mind that urns come in a variety of sizes and can hold varying amounts of ashes. Our adult cremation urns are available in sizes ranging from 3 cubic inches to 200 cubic inches and are made from a variety of metals, including stainless steel, bronze, and pewter. In addition, you can choose to have your urn personalized and engraved with a special message or image.

 How to choose a brass urn

When choosing an urn, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, decide if you would like a traditional or contemporary style. Traditional brass containers are often adorned with ornate embellishments, while contemporary styles may feature sleek lines and simple designs. Secondly, take into account the size of the urn. Most standard cremation urns will hold up to 200 cubic inches of cremated remains, but larger sizes are available if needed. Thirdly, consider engraving options for personalization. Engraving is a great way to create a lasting tribute to your loved one and will ensure that their memory lives on forever. Be sure to choose an experienced engraver who can provide quality workmanship. Finally, think about the cost. They can be expensive, so make sure you shop around for the best seller before purchasing an urn for your loved one’s final resting place.

 Where can you purchase a brass urn?

At, we strive to provide our customers with the best selection of brass urns and cremation urns, as well as fast, free shipping, an unbeatable price, and excellent customer service. We are proud to offer a variety of brass urns for ashes, including solid brass urns, pewter cremation urns, and even hand painted and hand-crafted urns such as our blessing lavender silver cremation urn. No matter which urn you choose, you can be sure that you are honoring your loved one with a beautiful and unique memorial.

Besides, we also have wood urns, marble urns, and ceramic urns available to choose from. Browse our selections today and find the perfect urn to honor your loved one.

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