How Much Does An Urn Cost?

The purchase of an urn may be one of the last things that you buy for your loved one. When arranging a funeral and cremation, an urn is an essential item to hold their ashes. The cost of cremation can be a financial burden, leaving little room for purchasing an urn. In this article, we will provide an overview of the various categories and sizes of urns available on the market and their respective prices.

When selecting an urn, it is crucial to prioritize the size needed to store the ashes over the urn’s design. The amount of ashes that remain after the cremation will depend on the person’s bone structure. For example, a taller woman with broad shoulders will yield more ashes than a slightly overweight man of average height.

Adult and child urns are the two primary categories of urns available on the market. Heavy-boned adults and physiologically larger adults require 220-240 cubic inches of space, costing around $150-$350. An average adult with a height of 5ft 7in to 5ft 9in requires around 200 cubic inches, costing the same as heavy-boned urns. A young child 13 years or younger usually requires an urn of around 100-122 cubic inches, costing $100 to $200. For infants and children up to 9 years old, they require around 50 cubic inches, costing around $100-$200.

Aside from standard urns, there are also other options to choose from, such as keepsake urns, cremation pendants, and companion urns. Keepsake urns are a smaller size that holds a small part of the remains, ranging from 3-20 cubic inches and costing $39-$79. Cremation pendants are pendants that hold tiny amounts of ashes, often less than a teaspoon, costing $49-$249. Companion urns are made for two people who share a bond, and the ashes of both individuals can be placed side by side in the urn, often in different compartments, costing $290-$600.

In conclusion, choosing an urn for your loved one is a challenging process, as you want to select one that is worthy of holding their ashes. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of cremation urns available at varying prices to suit your budget and preferences.

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