Era Series | Copper Stainless Steel Casket with Rosetan Interior


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Last updated on July 17, 2024 1:52 pm


It is a federal law that funeral homes must accept your caskets bought online without charging you any additional costs! This reduces your funeral costs by up to 80%.

THE FINEST IN LUXURY. The Era Series was created to be the most feature-rich, elegant steel casket in the market. The Era casket is made of Stainless Steel, the toughest and most corrosion resistant steel type, and comes with a high-end tufted head panel and throw. The Era series coffin is meant to amaze with its luxury appearance and strengthened swingbar handles. This casket has a rubber gasket and a locking mechanism as standard. The Era Series copper stainless steel casket is unrivaled: it is the best steel casket money can buy. Features CASKET MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL. Stainless steel is exceptionally robust, resistant to corrosive and rusting elements, and has a luxury appearance and feel. HIGH GLOSS FINISH BRUSHED. We improve the appearance of the steel by applying a brushed high gloss silver finish. SCULPTED HARDWARE is an abbreviation for SCULPTED HARDWARE. The casket’s exterior and its metal components are exquisitely crafted, adding a high level of utilitarian beauty to the entire design. SWINGBAR HANDLES ARE REINFORCED. When in use, the strengthened swingbar handles lift up and away from the casket, creating a luxury look and allowing for simple transport. TUFTED VELVET INTERIOR. The casket’s velvet interior is completely tufted and extremely pleasant to the touch. SEALER AND LOCK FOR RUBBER GASKETS This casket has a complete rubber gasket as well as a locking mechanism. BED THAT CAN BE ADJUSTED. The bed’s head and foot ends may both be modified. FITTED TO STANDARD SIZE BURIAL VAULTS.


Size (interior): 79″L x 24″W x 14″H

Size (exterior): 83″L x 28″W x 23″H

Weight: 180 pounds

Steel Thickness: Stainless Steel

Lid Design: Half Couch (Split Lid) 

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